Combined Heat & Power Projects News

Lodge Cottrell, were contacted late in September 2016 to supply 4 off independent Air Pollution Control Systems to clean the flue gas from the incineration of poultry litter. The power generated at each of the four independent farming enterprises will allow each to be fully sustainable.

LCUK were selected to manage a critical timeline path for the delivery of this equipment in Q1 – 2017, giving an extremely tight design, manufacture and installation schedule. The equipment comprises on each site, a LCUK compact Fabric Filter together with a 35m3 Lime Injection silo. Each package also includes the supply of ductwork from the economiser outlet to fabric filter inlet, ash handling to a single common point and all Control System Functionality.

Management of each project was undertaken from the Birmingham office, where regular interface meetings have been held with the client. Using our advance modelling techniques, which includes CFD, all aspects of the flow paths have been considered to ensure adequate gas distribution and limited pressure drop throughout each system. In this way LCUK can tailor the solution to meet the exacting requirements of the customer’s needs.

Results of the Installation and Performance to be published in the newsletter, March 2017.