Choosing one or more of our services will ensure that critical equipment is continually monitored and any deterioration detected before breakdown, resulting in increased plant reliability and availability. Importantly, your air pollution control system will also consistently achieve the highest levels of emissions control demanded of it to satisfy environmental and legislative compliance.

Firmly embedded within its long-standing, professionally qualified workforce, Lodge Cottrell has the expertise and technical skills to:

  • maintain and service your plant
  • ensure it continues to operate at optimum efficiency
  • offer on-line maintenance management, control and monitoring of the servicing status and processes
  • assist with repairing, upgrading and modifying plant as and when necessary
  • provide full training for your own personnel to carry out day-to-day monitoring and servicing
  • provide a complete,worldwide spare parts service to quickly get plant up and running again in the event of a critical failure

Lodge Cottrell deliver these key services through tailored service contracts which are one of our defining offerings. Commencing with a survey of the overall status and servicing needs of your plant, moving onto a discussion on the preferred type of contract and concluding with the implementation of the agreed strategy, the services chosen may include one or more of the following:

  • Process plant optimisation
  • Provision of process solutions
  • Maintenance management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Operational maintenance - control, electrical and mechanical
  • Breakdown repairs (24-hour call out)
  • Mechanical installation
  • Engineering design
  • Flow testing and modelling
  • Emissions testing
  • On-line diagnostic monitoring
  • Spares control and supply