Worldwide spare parts

Worldwide Spare Parts

Lodge Cottrell provides an efficient spares service for genuine components and parts wherever and whenever you may need them.

Spares can be matched against drawings and specifications for more than 4,500 particulate control systems worldwide.

Since we have designed and built these units we believe that we are the best source for spares.

The business of Lodge Cottrell incorporates these well known company names:

  • Lodge-Cottrell Ltd
  • Lodge Sturtevant Ltd
  • Buell Ltd
  • (Dryers, Motorised Double Flap Valves, Rotary Valves)
  • Sturtevant (Gas Cleaning) Ltd
  • (Floseal / Mancuna Valves)
  • Sturtevant Process Ltd
  • W.C. Holmes & Co
  • Holmes Gas Cleaning
  • Peabody Sturtevant Ltd
  • Environmental Air Filtration
Electrostatic Precipitator Spares

With over 1,500 electrostatic precipitator units operating on large utility boilers worldwide, Lodge Cottrell is committed to supporting this population with a first class spares service.

At Lodge Cottrell we have the necessary experience and technology to satisfy the spares needs for most existing precipitator plants around the world.

With over 80 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of air pollution control systems, no one is better placed to serve your spares requirements.

At Lodge Cottrell we regularly improve our spares, so when you specify a genuine spare, your air pollution control system will benefit from the latest technology.

Our fully comprehensive spares service covers your entire Air Pollution Control System, from inlet to outlet, including all ancillary plant and equipment.