About Lodge Cottrell

Lodge Cottrell is the world’s oldest and leading specialist in air pollution control. As such we recognise that environmental pollution, in particular air pollution, is one of the most important political and social concerns of the 21st Century. Air pollution is inextricably linked to major current issues such as global warming, human health and the sustainability of our planet.

These concerns impact directly on the businesses we serve and, as a market leading business ourselves, we recognise the need to maintain the delicate balance between enabling the rapid global expansion industries need to satisfy global demands and personal aspirations, while at the same time assisting them with resolving the evolving commercial and environmental issues which confront them.

We fulfil this role using our specialist knowledge, expert skills and vast worldwide experience. In addition, we consider the installation of customer-specific bespoke solutions as simply the beginning of our relationship with and commitment to our customers. As our systems are designed and constructed to operate efficiently for decades we offer customers our services to enable such performance to be maintained throughout their lifetime.

Whether we are supplying a complete turnkey installation, or single specific item, for Electrostatic Precipitators, Fabric or Ceramic Filters, Acid Gas Scrubbers, Detarrers, DeNOx or Flue Gas Desulphurisation systems, once installed we remain focused on our long-term relationship where we believe our ongoing role as innovator, developer, advisor and maintainer of these essential emission control systems to be vital to our customers’ future prosperity and peace of mind. We continue to meet an ongoing obligation that these solutions comply with the stringent demands and legislative regulations on gas emissions imposed on our clients by their respective Governments.