Environmental - Our Commitment

Lodge Cottrell is committed to operating our Business in the most Environmental friendly way and where possible to reduce any environmental impacts at the work face or offices as per our accreditation to BS EN ISO 14001.

Working within the Energy and Renewable sector we fully recognise the needs to utilise Energy efficiencies and minimise our carbon footprint from our operational actions.

At Lodge Cottrell, we continue to design and install Air Pollution systems and undertake Construction services with moral and social responsibility to utilise where possible, sustainable materials or substances that are compliant with future ecology, comply with carbon emission requirements.

We operate and audit our Business activities in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001 codes of practice and statutory guidelines.

Ensure our Employees are trained and aware of the requirements and principles to sustain our Compliance and awareness and our Clients.

To work with our Clients to ensure our team are aware of the specific Environmental issues or conditions at site locations.

We measure and review improvements on an annual basis.

Our focus also incorporates all our Supply chain and Sub Contractors to meet the same standards we expect.