Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - Our Commitment

Lodge Cottrell is committed to deliver the highest achievable standards of Quality Assurance, in line with our quality management systems which have been accredited to BS EN ISO 9001

We operate our Business systems to ensure we achieve compliance in all aspects of the operational services and information we provide to our Clients and customers for Design, Fabrication and Construction activities are provided with total traceability and third party verification.

Our services and robust systems ensure we provide effective and detailed planning, operations and all required controls systems are in place as part of the Quality Management System to maintain and achieve our accreditation to BS EN ISO9001 annually from third party audit and monitoring.

At Lodge Cottrell, we design Air Pollution systems and undertake Construction services to utilise where possible sustainable materials or substances that are compliant with future ecology and comply with carbon emission requirements to the highest possible Quality standards.

We operate and audit our operations in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001 codes of practice and statutory guidelines.

Ensure our Employees are fully trained and aware of the requirements and principles to sustain our Compliance and working standards.

To work with our Clients to inspect and audit our performance at all levels.

All our Welding systems and approvals are fully ASME and EN approved and reviewed by a third party, our welders fully qualified and tested.

Our focus also incorporates all our Supply chain and Sub Contractors to meet the same standards we expect.