Dust resistivity lab – request

Dust resistivity lab - request

Dust sample sizes should be 3 to 5cc. Do not send large sample amounts to the resistivity laboratory, as this creates disposal costs for us.

The samples can be in plastic bottles or double bagged in plastic bags. In this time of terrorism concerns, each sample should have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with it (i.e. an explanation of what chemicals are in the dust).

The following data should be included in the cover letter for the samples;




Date of Sample______________________________________

Process Sampling Point____________________________

ESP Operating Temperature____________________­­­______ C

Laboratory Resistivity Cell Gas Moisture___________ %(Vol.) *

(Note: Each moisture level tested constitutes a billable resistivity test. So for example, one dust sample tested at three different moistures is actually considered three separate/billable resistivity tests)

Unless otherwise stated, the resistivity testing will be performed in ascending order, which is standard for our evaluations. If for some reason, the customer also wants resistivity measured in descending order, this should be requested.

* If gas moisture is unknown, the resistivity lab will base moisture content upon typical values observed in the past for the process type.