Online maintenance management

Online maintenance management

Lodge Cottrell has introducedMaintenance Enterprise Solution(MES), a secure online maintenance management system.

MES will help you organise and manage your maintenance requirements through a simple web browser which links to our server during the period of your maintenance agreement.

This solution enables our engineers working at your site, and who fully understand your requirements, to author, review and publish the website content which is relevant to you. Not only does this mean your maintenance details are more relevant and up to date, they are also a valuable resource for you to track your maintenance costs and programme replacement schedules.

MES helps you to take control of your maintenance programme providing the following benefits:

  • Web-based content management system for the set up of ongoing maintenance contracts based on a leading groupware system Lotus Domino/Notes.
  • Security features allow web site content to be selectively made available to different individuals and groups on sites. The package takes advantage of the multilevel security rights and content authorisation available with Domino applications, ensuring that data relating to a particular site is secure and viewable only by authorised individuals from that site.
  • Provides statistics collection and reporting.
  • Has a powerful built-in search facility to allow interrogation of the maintenance data.

Working with MES, Lodge Cottrell has configured powerful functionality to ensure you are gaining benefit from the web browser system from day one. We have taken time to involve end users in the design and final layout of the data presentation to give the user key functionality from the start.