Plant upgrades

Plant upgrades

With stricter emissions regulations and the substitution of biomass for coal at many power plants, Lodge Cottrell can provide upgrades to air pollution control systems meet any new requirements.

We can supply products from individual components to complete turnkey packages.

With the growing need to burn a mixed range of fuels in power stations, together with revised boiler operations and new emission compliance standards, many existing precipitator installations require upgrading or the addition of precipitator capacity.

Our system upgrade techniques can be applied to any existing air pollution control equipment.

Lodge Cottrell has the necessary resources, experience and technology to engineer and execute such upgrades thanks to its extensive research and development (R & D) and testing facilities.

All Lodge Cottrell design upgrade proposals will be supported by new performance guarantees.

Improving Existing Precipitator Performance

A seven point plan for practical and co-ordinated programmes to enable most existing precipitator plants to meet tighter statutory emissions levels.

  • Removal of mechanical pre-collectors where fitted
  • Upgrade of collector system
  • Upgrade of discharge electrodes
  • Upgrade of collector electrode rapping – mechanical or MIGI
  • Upgrade of discharge electrode rapping – mechanical or MIGI
  • Optimisation and upgrading of electrical energisation – traditional or SMPS
  • Improvement and optimisation of gas distribution systems