Fabric filters

Fabric Filters

Lodge Cottrell supply fabric filters to a wide variety of industries and have done so for several decades. Our fabric filters are designed in-house to meet the most stringent emission regulations covering particulate, SO2, heavy metals and dioxin levels.

Filter self-cleaning maybe done using pulse-jet or reverse-air techniques depending upon the needs of the customer. The selection of filter material (media) is governed by the operating conditions of the plant and the pollutant removal capacity of this maybe enhanced by the use of an appropriate conditioning agent (sorbent).

In recent times the integration of our fabric filters into more comprehensive flue gas treatment systems, including sorbent injection and ash-handling systems, has become widespread especially n the biomass and waste-to-energy/energy-from-waste markets. Fabric filters are typically used when particulate emissions need to be very low and/or other chemical (gaseous) pollutants need to be removed at the same time.

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